Trends so far 

  1. EOS’s company,, is registered in Cayman Islands. It began offering EOS tokens to the public in June 2017. It raised $700 million during its ICO - a fairly large amount and a testament to the support it has received from the masses.
  2. An online, wiki-based encyclopedia, Everipedia, has announced its plans for using EOS blockchain technology on 6th December 2017. As soon as the Everipedia is decentralized and hosted on EOSIO platform, few countries such as Iran and Turkey that have blocked Wikipedia, will not be able to block it any further via Everipedia’s fork.   

EOS Global Acceptance

The Market Cap ranking of the EOS cryptocurrency is 5th, and it holds a market capitalization of $10.9 billion USD as of June 2018. A total number of 900 million EOS coins are in circulation.      

Future Prospects

  • The EOS platform allows developers to build decentralized applications in a public environment. Above all, scalability can be achieved easily with the help of EOS as it is able to support thousands of commercial decentralized applications thanks to its architecture - which is Proof-of-Stake instead of the slower Proof-of-Work that cryptocurrencies generally use. EOS is gaining more traction day by day. 
  • EOS saw an increase of over 15x between the closing months of 2017 and opening months of 2018 - going from around $1 to over $15. Impressively, despite the decline the market saw in general, the price of an EOS coin continues to however around the $15 mark as of June 2018. This may be supported by news of its upcoming mainnet launch.
  • The price is intended to get to $37 by the end of 2018, which would also lead to a price of around $143 in the next five years. Hence, the entire quantum of appreciation that can be gained is big enough, which is why it is worth investing in the platform.
  • Due to multiple decentralized applications, the need for an IT infrastructure for EOS has decreased. With the increase in the number of companies starting to use the platform for decentralized applications, the valuation of the platform will increase too.