The Good:

  1. It is likely to be the first third-generation blockchain to reach out to the market. 
  2. Unique features:
    It has parallel processing that is good for scalability. 
    - It has no transaction fees, block producers paid out by inflation.
  3. There is an inflation build in the token model, which will help the block producers earn incentives when performing their work. 
  4. It will also have a process for the recovery of an account if you tend to lose your private keys. It will make human readable account names. 
  5. EOS has a massive reserve so far. Due to its initial coin offerings, it has earned billions of dollars. The platform has created a large ecosystem fund with this reserve.
  6. Companies and organizations can easily make decentralized applications with the help of this platform.

The Bad:

  • The on-chain governance system will lead to more politics, as you need to garner a lot of votes to become one of the block producers.
  • It may not be as decentralized as say, ETH, as it can have only 21 block producers.

EOS has a lot going for it. This is why it raised over $700 million in its ICO in the first place. You already know how to buy eos coin by now. Whether you should buy and hold, is a decision that will require more deliberation, as with any other cryptocurrency.